Welcome to RBA Property Management

Since the inception of our firm back in 2004, we were humbled by the number of management firms operating in the condominium market. We knew from the beginning that in order to survive the competition we must be professional, honest, diligent and most importantly, dedicated to our clients.

RBA has evolved to become a fully-fledged condominium management company, both dynamic and proactive. Our portfolio now includes all types of condominiums ranging from commercial to residential, high-rise, low-rise, standard and common elements. The variety has allowed us to keep flexible and be able to adapt to each of our client’s needs, along with implementing strategies specific only to RBA.

We are proud and thankful to our clients who believed in us over the years. We thank them for the challenges they put in front of us, only to make us better and stronger. Our retention rate is 100% but this only humbles us, and gives us the determination not to disappoint.


We believe that, like in any relationship, trust and honesty are the most important ingredients for survival. We know trust is hard to build, and even harder to maintain.

We are dedicated, professional and respectful to our clients, competitors and colleagues.

We are diligent and persistent but we never lose the human touch by being compassionate and considerate.


To build a true partnership with members of the boards, owners and building staff based on honesty and integrity. To provide our clients the highest levels of service and performance. To strive to increase the value of the properties under our management, along with providing a harmonious living environment for all the residents and owners.