“As a Condo Board Member, it has truly been a delight to work with Bogdan Alexe of RBA Property Management Ltd.  Trust in the management team is the single most important factor to consider when hiring a management company.  Trust occurs when there is complete confidence on a number of critical factors: level of expertise, sound fiscal management and accounting, solid industry knowledge, familiarity with the Condo Act, proven track record, exemplary service, soundness of advice, depth of industry contacts and relationships that can be drawn upon, superior problem solving skills, strong ethics, mutual respect and an intuitive sense that the management company always puts the needs and interests of the board and residents of the condo above all else.

Bogdan has proven that he possesses these attributes and has earned our trust.  That was not an easy task as his company was hired after several failed attempts with other management companies that had led to the Board and residents being very guarded and distrustful of the management industry itself as a result.  Bogdan was able to manage the budget, build up and manage the cash flow of the reserve fund, ensure all equipment and electrical was running soundly, managed a major renovation project on time and on budget, provide sound, sage advice on various issues and treat our boutique building with the same care and attention as if it was his own.  I cannot recommend Bogdan more highly.  Selection of the right condo management company is critical.  Choose carefully and ensure they have earned your trust.”

Dianne Carmichael


Thanks for clarifying and for your prompt responses, including on a weekend, which in my 29 years of practice is unprecedented. It’s refreshing and an absolute pleasure to be dealing with someone who exhibits/provides such professionalism and level of service.”

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